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My Smashbox Lipstick Collection

For Christmas I received some mini Smashbox lipsticks which I was soooo excited about because I’d never even tried one before never-mind owned one! All of the lipsticks are from the ‘Be Legendary’ range! As you may know if you’ve…


My (slightly late) Goals for 2017!

So, it turns out that when you have hundreds of deadlines (only a slight exaggeration) that aren’t due until the middle of January, it can be pretty hard to start fresh with a list of new years resolutions at the…


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Keeping with the Christmas tradition over here I thought I’d round up all the things I love about December and pop them all into one very festive post <3 I’m sure by now you’re all feeling as Christmassy as I…


A Little Chat about Anxiety & Panic Attacks

❤️ Quick disclaimer: Every persons experience with anxiety is different – this post is going to be talking about my own personal experience, and what advice I’d give someone going through a similar thing, however, of course, I’m not a…