Night-time routine with a 5 month old

Since Archie was around 8 weeks old I longed for a routine, I hated never knowing at least an approximate time of when I’d finally manage to get some much needed sleep and I’d spend my days dreading the nights. From being around 6 weeks old from 8pm til 9pm every night Archie would have his “witching hour” (the time of the day your baby has became overtired and overstimulated, which generally results, thanks to babs inability to self-soothe, in a grumpy, often inconsolable little bubba). However, I was very aware that this was normal for his age so we rode it out until we eventually (thank Godness) fell into a routine.

I know our routine will change to adapt to Archie’s needs and development as he grows (please hold off a lil longer teething we ain’t ready for you 😩), but I thought it’d be fun to record to document and look back at as our routine changes!

*Video at bottom!*

We go by the ‘bottle, awake time, nap’ rule during the day, so Archie has his final little play as he’s drawing closer to needing his final bottle. As Callum works during the day we both try to be there for the whole of the bedtime routine if possible, so Callum usually finishes work at around 5ish, we have tea, and have a last little play together before bathtime.

I usually head up to start running the bath, and get his towels, fresh nappy, vest and sleepsuit ready for him getting out. Once I’m all ready, Callum brings Archie up and we give him his bath! Archie loveeeeees bath time, so it makes it a little difficult to keep it nice and calm!

Once Archies ready, we go through to our room and Callum gives Archie his last bottle of the day. I usually clean up the mess we made during bath time and leave them to it so that they have some time just them two as Callum works a lot and I think it’s nice for them both to have that extra bonding time.

When Archie’s finished his bottle and he’s nice and sleepy we start his bedtime story, it’s so cute watching Archie really starting to pay attention to the pictures in the books, (also, as you can see in the video, he likes to watch us as we read to him as well as looking at the book 😂)

Right before we start all the rocking and shushing we all go through to the mirror in the en-suite and say our “night nights to Archie”. I’m not really sure how or when this started but somehow all standing in the mirror waving and repeating “night night Archie” has became part of our daily routine!

Finally, we turn the white noise on and take turns cuddling Archie into us, holding his dummy in place and walking back and forth shushing him. Sometimes, he falls asleep at this point and we place him down once he’s asleep, other times we place him down when he’s still awake but drowsy. We then hold his dummy in and rock the crib until he’s asleep… some days this takes longer than others!

Usually (usually being the key word), by 8pm Archie is asleep and we pop the camera on, grab the monitor, and head downstairs to watch a few programmes before jumping into bed ourselves! At the moment Archie generally wakes for one feed and we start our day again at around 8AM when Archie wakes up!

Thanks for reading,
Love, Beth xx

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