30 Week Pregnancy Update!

I can’t believe I’m officially 30 weeks pregnant! It feels like two minutes ago I was praying that I’d survive the dreaded first trimester and now here I am gearing up for the home-stretch! So here we have it, my 30-week update!



  • Aches – let’s just say… the pregnancy waddle has begun. For the past couple of weeks I’ve started to feel really bloody pregnant. I ache after a few minutes of walking and even my pregnancy pillow can’t help me get comfortable on a night
  • Sciatica – ahhhh the little gem that struck at 14 weeks and has bothered me ever since. It’s still only affecting my right-hand side and for me, that is enough so let’s hope it stays that way!
  • Weight gain – I have officially gained 2 and a half stone so far (!!!!!!). And I think I’m slowly becoming ok with it. I still have days where I feel really insecure, and as the warmer days draw in it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to dress/look summery, which can affect me, but all-in-all, I trust myself. A few years ago I went from a very unhealthy lifestyle to the opposite and I lost a fair bit of weight and got massively into fitness. Although the fitness side of things has been put on hold since around week 20ish (believe it or not I am not one of those preg gals who’s gonna be gymming til the day I give birth like I expected…..), I do trust that eventually, I’ll find my way again and I’ll get back to a weight I’m comfortable at, and until then, I’m going to try my very best to not stress over ‘bouncing back’ or getting straight back into my pre-pregnancy jeans
  • Dizziness (low blood pressure) – every now and again I’ll start to feel really sick, weak and faint and when I’ve checked my blood pressure it seems to coincide with when it drops pretty low. My midwife is aware of it and it hasn’t bothered me in a few weeks now so hopefully, that’s passing! (I had a really embarrassing fainting episode in the middle of Boots at around 24 weeks and I’d like for that to never happen again in all my life pls)
  • Abdominal cramping – this is something I’d never heard anyone talk about past the first trimester, so initially, I panicked! But since speaking to my midwife she’s assured me that the very intense period-type low cramps are all part of the package of pregnancy! Wooooo.
  • Movements – I swear I’m growing a dancer or a footballer in there! The movements are crazy and they’re getting stronger every day. As of my last midwife appointment, he’s still breach, so the kicks and movements are yet to reach my ribs and become painful as everyone has warned me of. But I have had a fair few ‘OUCH’ moments when he sits on a nerve and sends pins and needles up my bump and down my leg, or wakes me up in the middle of the night kicking and punching! (It’s so crazy that in my last update I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was definitely him or not, and now I feel him pretty much every hour of the day!)
  • Mood swings – so I think that my mood swings have actually been okay throughout the pregnancy (although my boyfriend may tell you otherwise). I do have the odd emotional moment, but it’s usually down to feeling insecure in myself or feeling stressed with work and it’s not too often it happens, so… so far, pretty good I’d say.


In my last update I mentioned that we had chosen a name but that we weren’t going to be announcing it till he was born, but then the Royals announced their baby name, and guess what… Well, we are also having a baby Archie ❤️ At first we were upset at the news, we didn’t want people to think we had copied the Royals name and we even contemplated changing it, but nothing felt right. We had been referring to him as Archie since finding out we were having a boy and it just feels like his name now. So, our little Archie Terence (Terence after my amazing Grandad) will be born in September, and we can’t wait to have our own little prince here.


We’ve now bought all of the ‘big buys’ and we’re halfway through decorating the nursery which I’m soooo excited about and I’ll definitely be doing a blog post once it’s all ready!

3D Scan

At 25 weeks we had our first 3D scan since 16 weeks and we are in love. Ahhhhh how can I possibly wait another 10 weeks to kiss that face?!


The last 12 weeks in pictures…

I reached the half way point!


I went to Radio 1’s big weekend and actually managed to last a whopping 7 hours and learnt that Archie loves The 1975 (even now when we play it to the bump he wriggles and kicks like mad!)

I learnt that no matter how much I tell myself I can’t possibly get any bigger… I can!


I spent a longggg busy day in London and was even offered a seat on a very busy tube (yay for the bump!).


And finally, I reached the third and final trimester and hit the 30 week mark! 👶🏼


So, I think that’s everything for this update! Here’s to another 10 weeks, I can’t wait to share the rest of this surreal journey with you ❤️

Love, Beth xxx

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