18 Week Pregnancy Update!

When I found out I was pregnant I made a list of all of the blog posts I could write and all of the fun things I could do ahead of baby’s arrival, and then I just kind of… didn’t do any of them. I pretty much slept my way through a very nauseating first trimester, holding out hope for the magical second trimester which, by the way, also didn’t really come (well not as fast as I had hoped anyway). So I continued to sleep my way through until about now, week 18, where I am finally beginning to feel more human (I actually managed to stay awake past 8.30pm three nights this week!!). So I’ve put together a list of all of my symptoms so far and a little update for you on where I’m at with everything!


  • Nausea – the nausea really peaked at around 10/11 weeks and since then it’s pretty much eased off. I still have the odd day where I’ll feel totally sick and dizzy but as a whole it’s pretty much disappeared (thank GOD)
  • Sciatica – this started at around 14 weeks and has slowly got worse every week, it’s always on my right hand side from my bum right down my leg and it’s super uncomfortable
  • Back pain – As the weeks go on my back feels more and more achey and uncomfortable, it especially bothers me when I’m at work sitting in an office chair for 8 hours, but I guess I can just expect that to get worse! Woo!
  • Weight gain – For the whole of the first trimester, I went crazy on the food front. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been big into healthy eating and exercising and the past couple of years I’ve absolutely loved training and seeing my body change. So, I got pretty disheartened and upset at myself after 12 weeks of eating for two (literally) when I saw my body change so dramatically, however, I’m really working hard on my mindset throughout this pregnancy, and I’ve also put down the bread and chocolate and started choosing healthier options again.
  • Movements – A lot of people describe the first movements from around 16 weeks as a butterfly feeling in their stomach, however, the only feeling I’ve been having is some odd vibrating/bubbly/tapping feelings. I’m not 100% sure if it is baby or not but either way I’m so excited to start to feel proper little kicks!


We’re having a beautiful little BOY 💙

I always did want a boy first and since finding out I’ve been flooded with messages from other little boy mama’s telling me how loving boys are so I’m sooooo overwhelmed and already so full of love for my little man.

3D Scan

I mean, look at his little button nose… AHH I can’t even cope that I’m going to get to kiss that squishy face in just 5 months. He was actually a little tinker at the past two scans (including the 3D one) and refused to move for the most part. Believe it or not, I actually had to get on all 4’s and shake my hips to wake the poor baba up and even then the nurse said he was just so content snuggled into me! Luckily he did get moving eventually and even stopped to give us a little thumbs up!


We’ve decided on a name which we’re almost certain on, but we won’t be announcing that until he’s born. 😉 We have, however, started to refer to him as his name which feels so unbelievably surreal and makes it all feel just that little bit more like real life (which I still can’t believe that it is!).


We’ve made quite a few purchases so far, some being clothes and others being more practical items but I’m going to do separate blog posts on everything we’ve bought and the nursery in due course! (If I don’t continue to sleep my life away!)

Bump Update

And here is my 18 week bump!

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Love, Beth xx

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