My early pregnancy symptoms & how I found out!

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter then I’m pretty sure you’ll know by now that………. I’m pregnant! And if you didn’t know… SURPRISE! 👶🏼

When I asked on Twitter what blog post you’d like 90% of you voted for ‘how I found out’, so here goes, a blog post I didn’t quite expect to be writing for a few years, but a one I’m very excited about nevertheless. This is how I found out I was pregnant! 💗

*Disclaimer – some parts of this post may be a bit TMI, but as is pregnancy! So if you don’t like stuff like that, this post prob isn’t for you!*

  • Exhaustion
    The exhaustion began just over a week before my missed period (I was due to come on on the 8th of January). It would get to around 11am and I was already ready for a nap, I’d pick up a little after lunch and then I’d crash again at around 2pm, and by 8pm I was a complete write-off (so much so that I fell asleep at 10pm on New Years Eve and missed the countdown!)
  • Flu
    So I always see people say they’ve got the flu when in actual fact it’s a bad cold or a headache, I was guilty of it myself, but then I actually got the FLU flu. It was horrific. I couldn’t stand up without feeling dizzy, I felt sick and couldn’t eat, I had a fever, a blocked nose, a sore throat, I had headaches constantly and I literally had NO energy – add that to the fact I was exhausted anyway and I actually thought I was on my death bed.
  • Sore boobs
    I know a lot of people get sore boobs on their period but this 34b gal has never had that problem, I always just thought I didn’t have enough boob to hurt, but yeah… pregnancy changed that let me tell you! I even felt pain if my arm lightly brushed across my chest or if my bra slightly moved.
  • Food/drink aversions
    Now, anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee, the stronger the better and I’d have at least 2 a day. Well, before I even missed my period I was off coffee, I stopped craving it and not only did I not want it, when I forced myself to have one, I’d gone off the taste completely (heartbreaking). My only major food aversion that early on was KFC, despite never particularly being a KFC fanatic before anyway, I suddenly developed a hatred towards it. I couldn’t, and still can’t even think about KFC without feeling like I could actually vom and the thought of the gravy……. bork ðŸ¤¢

So after around a week of the above symptoms, I decided that something had to be up. Although I was still pretty certain I wasn’t pregnant I could hardly ignore the warning signs so I reluctantly bought a £1 dip test from Tesco and took it 2 days before my missed period. 

If I’m being completely honest, while waiting for the test to develop I wasn’t even slightly nervous, I was sure I was being dramatic and that even if I was pregnant it wouldn’t show up before I’d even missed my period anyway, would it? Wrong.

There, staring up at me clear as day were 2 thick pink lines, indicating that yes…

I was pregnant.

Let me know if you’d like to hear how my symptoms progressed throughout my first trimester and the new symptoms that developed! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Twitter to keep up to date! 

Thanks for reading, 

Love Beth xxx

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