Dress to impress (yourself)

For as long as I can remember the overriding theme to every shopping trip has been, “I’d love to be able to pull off something like that”. I mean, how frustrating is it finding something so gorgeous but telling yourself that it would look great on someone else? We all have a comfort zone in which we like to feel great in those clothes that do suit us, the kinda outfits that we know compliments the figure and hides the insecurities, but what happens when you just venture outside the cosy confines of the comfort zone a little, and add something not so plain-sailing and safe to your basket?

While browsing on ASOS (for the hundredth time) last week, I decided to, with a little help from Klarna obvs, treat myself to a few items I wouldn’t normally wear, despite the fact I was pretty bloody certain I’d be sending them all back.


One of the items in my wild little splurge (yes… a leopard print midi skirt is wild for me), was this absolute gem by Pieces. Now, firstly, I am not a midi-skirt kinda gal, I always imagined they’d be unflattering on the old hip area, do nothing for my legs other than make them look shorter and stubbier and be a vvvv awkward length to style.



I was more than pleasantly surprised when I tried this skirt on and fell in love a little, to make it more Autumn/Winter vibes and weather appropriate I teamed it with a New Look white polo, a pair of Truffle Collection lace-up boots, a River Island belt to tie it all together and a New Look red bag to add a pop of colour!


I’m so glad that I took the plunge and tried this kind out of outfit! It’s inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and have a little more fun with my clothes without being held back by the idea that I need to stick to what I know and play it safe!

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