Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Volume 2 Palette Review



As you can probably tell by scrolling down my blog, I haven’t felt like writing a post about make-up for a long time; I’ve simply been enjoying lifestyle posts so much more. For a while I felt guilty about my lack of make-up reviews, my blog is called Steal The Beauty therefore I am a beauty blog and should be writing about beauty…right? Putting myself into that category instantly took the fun out of blogging, after-all, my blog is my hobby, I’m not getting paid to write a post and blogging isn’t my job, therefore why on Earth should I stick exclusively to one category? Since then I’ve branched out into categories such as Fashion, as well as topics I feel passionately about such as Body Positivity, Confidence and Health & Fitness. While I haven’t been blogging much about make-up, my obsession is still going strong and recently I treated myself to a product that finally inspired me to write a review… YAY <3 That product was the Sigma BeautyWarm Neutrals Volume 2 Palette!


Now, I’ve never tried a single Sigma product before, so splashing out almost £30.00 on a relatively small palette was a slight risk, but just look at those colours… how could I resist??

I am obsessed with any berry toned shade (which is why ABH Modern Renaissance is still an absolute staple in my make-up bag) and if I’m not going for a berry toned eye look my next go-to would be a brown/gold/burnt orange look as it compliments my skin tone/blue eyes perfectly. So um…. just take a look at this palette for a sec, it is literally my dream, seriously… how could I resist?


Another thing I love about the Warm Neutrals palette is that it is so incredibly wearable, mixing the top row of transition or every-day/natural shades: Humble, Charmer, Beaming & Toasty in to a palette with much bolder shades like Iconic, Rogue, Russet Fools Gold this creates the perfect versatile product that will see you from day-time to night-time with absolute ease.

Another thing to note is that the shades are all of a very soft and buttery texture resulting in minimal fall out and amazing colour pay-off while being extremely blend-able.


SWATCHES: (L-R) Passion Fruit, Rusett, After Hours, Fools Gold


SWATCHES (L-R) Bittersweet, Henna, Iconic, Rogue


SWATCHES (L-R) Humble, Charmer, Beaming, Toasty

<3 my favourite shades are: Rogue, Henna, Bittersweet & Beaming <3

I decided to create a very simple every day eye look using just three shades, Toasty (transition) Henna (crease) and Beaming (lid).



All in all I am sooooo happy with my purchase and I haven’t found a single flaw in the palette! Let me know if you’ve tried any other Sigma products as I’m desperate to try some more!

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