The Perfect Getaway


This feels so weird blogging again!! (In the best way)

It’s literally been over a month despite the fact I promise to post at least once a week… oops 🙁

Basically, life became super hectic this past month, I had a lot going on, both in my personal life and at uni and I just didn’t have the time (or, if I’m being honest, the motivation) to sit down and start writing a blog post. Although that doesn’t mean I abandoned it completely, I was still thinking about posts, I just didn’t act on them, BUT NOW I AM! So keep your eyes peeled for a Spring/Summer make-up look and a What Uni Has Taught Me post coming in the very near future!

So, now that’s out the way, I wanted to do a post on my weekend away last week. My boyfriend and I booked a while back to go to Centre Parcs in Nottingham for 3 nights and although at the time it seemed like we had ages to wait, it came round sooooo fast. However, it came round just as everything was really hectic and stressful… and not too great, and I wasn’t too sure whether we should go or not. Thankfully, we did, and it turned out that it was exactly what I needed. What seemed like terrible timing was actually perfect timing and it gave me all of the headspace I desperately needed.

Here are some photo’s of what we got up to while we were there! <3



We stayed for 3 nights in a gorgeous little lodge and hired bikes to get around. Although the bikes were a little on the pricey side (a lot) we definately got our money worth as we literally biked everywhere. We both forgot how fun it was riding a bike, even if our legs hurt more after the first day than they do after the gym!



(Someone got a little too confident on the bike as the weekend went on…!)

I think what I found the most relaxing about the weekend was spending time away from my phone (despite a few Instagram pics… obviously) and just riding about all day. Also I spent 80% of the weekend either going swimming, or lazing about in comfy clothes and make-up free, what could be better?!

However, one of the nights we did get a little dressed up and went out to Bella Italia, which I saw as perfect opportunity to wear my new River Island trousers!




I wish I could say these cocktails then led on to a crazy late night, but no, we headed straight back to the lodge and we had our pj’s on with a glass of wine by 10pm, typical us!


We spent the last day on the lake and finished off with a BBQ! The perfect way to end a perfect weekend!




How good do my halloumi and pepper skewers look MMM <3 And they were all mine because Danny hates halloumi and peppers… perfect!

We did, however, forget that once the disposable BBQ went out we couldn’t re-light it, so we spent our last night toasting marshmallows on the hob and dipping them into melted chocolate! Hahahah.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog post in FOREVER!

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Centre Parcs and what you got up to there! I’ve got a make-up post coming next so keep your eyes peeled for that! 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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