Travel Diaries: SINGAPORE


Hopefully some of you will remember that last year I used to have a little mini series all about the places I’d travelled. Now that the light nights are back and we are actually seeing the sunshine (yes… even in the North!) I thought it’d be the perfect time to give myself some serious holiday blues!

I’ve said before in these posts that I’ve been reallllly lucky when growing up that I’ve been to some incredible places, like, places I’ll probs never be lucky enough to go again, so why not share them on my blog so that I can look back and remember them?

This lil segment of my Travel Diaries is all about, SINGAPORE. I thought this would be a good one to kick back off with as I know that a lot of people probs don’t know much about Singapore, I know I certainly wouldn’t if I hadn’t been.


My Grandma and Grandad actually lived in Singapore for two years (that’s where my Dad was born!) when my Grandad was in the army, and they have visited many times since. In May 2011, 6 whole years ago, my Mam, Dad, brother, sister and I joined them on the journey (a veryyyyy long journey at that! We did 15 hours worth of travelling!).



Let me tell you, if you love city holidays you’ll love Singapore. And if you love sunny holidays… you’ll also love Singapore. It’s like Dubai and Gran Canaria rolled into one. (Except a lot hotter).

You get the beautiful scenery of the city, but the sunny beach vibes of Sentosa Island.



How amazing? We took in the sights super high up in a cable car through the city. A few members of my family then went on the Megazip, a massive zipwire… I passed on that one!


You’ve probably seen photo’s of the buildings with the massive boat on the top, it feels weird when I see it on the TV that I’ve actually stood right beneath it!

We also did a night time safari! Unfortunately all of the photo’s are a bit rubbishy (15-year-old me didn’t know I was going to one day want to put them all in a blog post!)


I feel soooooo lucky that I’ve been able to visit somewhere as beautiful as Singapore and I still remember how sad I felt leaving 🙁

I hope you enjoy these travel posts and don’t forget to have a read of my others if you haven’t already!

<3 Dubai
<3 Amsterdam
<3 New York
<3 London

Let me know your favourite place you’ve travelled! <3

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