My 21st Birthday Celebrations in Liverpool! (with vlog)


Last weekend I visited Liverpool for the first time ever with my boyfriend to celebrate my 21st birthday!

I don’t know what I was expecting but I can’t believe how much of a beautiful city it is, and the weather was lovely which was obviously a bonus!

On the first day we went for a wander around Mathew Street, where The Cavern is and went down to see what it was like (for anyone going to Liverpool who gets the slightest big claustrophobic I am warning you that it is about 6 flights of stairs underground and no matter what time of the day it is it’ll probably be packed with hen partys and stag do’s, all in all though it was an experience and at least I can say I’ve been inside!… even if it was for approx 45 seconds haha.)

We then went to Panoramic 34 which is a rooftop bar with amazing sights of the city. We had a cocktail – a pornstar martini, my absolute fave – and some lunch… I won’t tell you how much it cost… 😐 but it was the perfect photo opportunity!

For our evening meal we booked in to Miller and Carter and we both tried our first ever steak. Basically we’re the most pickiest people ever (him more than me) and we only ever eat out at Italians, but seeing as it was such a momentous occasion we pushed the boat out and stepped outside of our pizza or pasta comfort zone! Thankfully we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I cannot believe it’s taking me 21 years to try steak!! We also had a bottle of wine and ended the evening in a ‘secret’ underground cocktail bar that we had to enter through a phone box!


I took the opportunity to film the night away so that I could always look back and remember how I celebrated my 21st birthday!

I’m certainly no vlogger so don’t judge my videoing/editing skills haha! <3

Pleaseee let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying these little vids, I know they’re not the best but I think I’m improving haha!

Thanks for reading/watching,



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