It’s time for better brows…LME brows!

So, as you will know if you’ve read my blog for a while, I wrote a post a looooooong time ago all about brows, which you can read here!

Basically, I love make up, love doing my make up, love feeling all nice and made up… but I am an absolute novice when it comes to my eyebrows. In my entire 20 (almost 21!) years of living I’ve only ever had someone else do my brows twice, not because I don’t trust anyone with them, because they would 100% be better at doing them than me, but more of the fact I was just a bit scared that I wouldn’t suit them or the process of waxing, etc would hurt! (I’m an absolute wuss).

The majority of my friends began getting their eyebrows done when we were in school, this is when I first heard of people getting their eyebrows tinted, etc. If I’m honest, although everyone looked great who had them done, my eyebrows are naturally so light and quite sparse that I was just bloody terrified that I’d come out looking like Elvis Presley or something (did he even have really dark brows? Idk…)

However, after a long long long time of putting off the whole brows thing I put my fear of coming out with a scouse brow to the back of my mind and I let Lois from LME Brows work her magic on my (quite badly) filled in brows! I’d seen so many people I know choose Lois to do their eyebrows and I’d stalked her insta page so many times with brow envy at every girl in every pic, so I bit the bullet and booked an appointment!

As I said, I have no idea about eyebrows, so I let Lois decide which colour I should go for, and with me being light haired and fair skinned she thankfully chose natural, instantly squashing those fears of coming out with big black brows that made me look like Elvis!

Another fear I had with having my eyebrows done was that my pain threshold is ridiculously low, and the thought of being waxed, plucked and threaded all in one day was not something I had ever wanted to put myself through! Surprisingly though, it was genuinely pain free and sooo much faster than I expected!

I am literally SO glad I’ve had them done and I now actually have eyebrows that don’t disappear when I take my make up off! I’ll 100% be booking in with Lois when I next need them doing, I’m finally gonna be able to be one of those girls who tweet about looking forward to ‘brow day’ WOO.

If you’re a North East gal (or boy) I would strongly recommend Lois, she charges £20 for High Definition brows, that being a unique 7 step treatment focusing on shape & precision. A combination of techniques are used to create the perfect shape – tinting, waxing, threading, plucking & trimming using the specialist high definition tools.

At the end of the treatment Lois gives the option of a make up finish, to show exactly how the brows will look once filled in! Her fave High Definition brow product is the Brow Beater which looks like clear mascara and is basically hairspray for your brows to keep them in place which you can buy for £14.95 online or from Lois to save paying for delivery! A lot cheaper than some rivaling high end products that claim to do the same job!

Check out LME Brows on Instagram, she’s currently running a competition that will see one person winning 6 months of FREE High Definition brows, all you need to do is like her page and tag 3 friends in the pic! You can also book in with her to get LVL lashes if you want a full on pamper! Visit her Insta, Facebook, or book an appointment with her on 07960893434! <3

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