My (slightly late) Goals for 2017!

So, it turns out that when you have hundreds of deadlines (only a slight exaggeration) that aren’t due until the middle of January, it can be pretty hard to start fresh with a list of new years resolutions at the beginning when your mind is a little too crowded with the ‘more important’ stuff like essays, reflections, an 8000 word business plan and whatever else. Basically, I haven’t properly sat down and thought of a list of goals for the year until now, which is why I’m almost a month late to the bandwagon so let’s hope you aren’t sick to death of reading about people’s resolutions yet because here are mine!

For the first year basically ever I’ve tried to keep my goals actually realistic, less of the “Lose 5 stone”,”Run a marathon”,”Give up chocolate for good” and actually try to set myself goals I can stick to, so I’m writing them down here in a kind of law of attraction way, if I write them down, I’ll stick to them… right? 

<3 Ditch the make-up wipes
So, a long time ago I wrote a post all about my skincare, which you can read here, and I need to get back to that! I’ve slowly but surely slid back into my old ways of more likely that not grabbing a make up wipe on a night rather than properly cleansing my face. I mean, I’m not saying I’m gonna do it every night, who comes home from a night out and starts a full on skincare regime at 3am? Certainly not me (I’d have to part ways with my McDonalds for that!). But I want to make it much more of a regular routine in 2017! 

<3 Be more organised
Being at uni it’s soooo important to be organised, I always try to write everything down in  a diary; deadlines, lectures, shifts at work, etc. But this year I want to write everything down, like, uni, plans with friends, errands I need to run, etc. I want to get completely 100% in control of life so I feel less overwhelmed when things get busy and stressful. 

<3 Do more things out of my comfort zone
I spoke in a post not long ago about being anxious which you can read here. Which explains why sometimes I find it too stressful stepping out of my little bubble. But as you probably know I traveled to London with my friend Katie last week for the Go Glam Gala and had such a lovely time despite how nervous I was at first. You might also know if you follow me on Twitter that I’ve been offered work experience with Heat Magazine in London next week which means I’ll be traveling alone and doing something that to me is sooooo scary that a year or two ago I would not have even considered. But I refused to say no to such an amazing opportunity due to the fear of something going wrong… even if it does, at least I can say I tried! 

<3 Drink More Water! (Cliche I know)
I am sooooo bad for drinking water. It’s one of those things I try every year, “Starting from the 1st I am going to drink 8 pints of water without fail every single day”. Yeah that never lasts, I spend half the day on the loo and the other half begrudging every sip of water I take. This year I’ve not set myself a specific amount, instead I’ve just been carrying a water bottle wherever I go and making a conscious effort to actually drink it and up to now I’ve actually been sticking to it (the needing a wee every 10 minutes phase passes… I promise!).

<3 Exercise
I have finallyyyy after a whole year of not going, rejoined the gym! I’ve spoken a bit in a previous post about losing weight with Slimming World, I managed to drop 2 stone purely healthy eating with little to no exercise so this year I’m upping my game, I’m going to aim to get fit rather than to get skinny which has always been my goal in the past. I’m not going to do what I used to do and tell myself I’m going to go to the gym every day then wonder why I’m bored after a week. This time I’m aiming for three times a week, if one week I fancy going four times or five times then great and if one week I’m not feeling it at all then so be it!)

<3 Read more

Once upon a time I was the biggest book worm ever, name any Jacqueline Wilson book and I probably read it twice. As I got older I read less and less due to other things getting in the way but nothing beats that feeling of being so engrossed in a good book that you find any spare minute in the day to read just a couple more pages, right? I got a Kindle for Christmas and I’m desperate to find a new good book to sink into (please leave a recommendation). Some of my favourite books are, Where Rainbows End (it’s better than the film trust me!) Me Before You (also better than the film) & The Girl On The Train (guess what? Better than the film!).

<3 And finally, blog more!
I missed blogging sooooo much last month, my goal is to not let myself slip behind like that again, even if it means scheduling posts a few weeks in advance (am I the only person who finds this soooo hard? Once I’ve worked hard on a post I just want it up now!) I even struggle waiting til 5pm to post it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments the goals you’ve set yourself this year! I’m posting every day til Friday so I’ll be back tomorrow at 5pm! 

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