Travel Diaries: LONDON AT CHRISTMAS (+vlog)


It will come as absolutely no surprise to any of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter that my boyfriend and I went to London last weekend. It was soooo much fun and the photo opportunities were endless (hence the 12 insta pics in 3 days!).

However, I decided that an even better way of capturing just how beautiful London is at Christmas would be to create a little vlog style video of the weekend not just to document on my blog but also to look back on in a few months, years etc and properly remember how amazing it was.

So here we go, a couple of my fave snaps from the trip and scroll down for the vlog 🙂



*DISCLAIMER* I somehow didn’t realise till after I exported the video that I’d wrote Last day twice in the video, so the first time it says last day it’s actually the second day, and then the second time it says last day… it’s the last day, if you’re with me! Oops!

Thanks for reading/watching, let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post!


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