Versatile Blogger Award – 7 Facts About Me


I was recently tagged by the lovely Emily to take part in this tag! At first I was a little unsure because I just think I am so boring, but I decided to go ahead with it and try to think of the 7 most interesting things about myself… here goes!

1. I love animals. I have two cats (one of which is curled up next to me as I write this) and a dog. Which poses a massive dilemma when people ask “cats or dogs?” No one ever seems to take both as an answer do they? 🙁

2. I work at Greggs a few days a week when I’m not at uni! To those who aren’t from the UK, Greggs is like the best bakery ever. I actually just polished off a festive bake for my lunch earlier MMM.

3. I recently lost just over 2 stone! I lost a stone and a half with Slimming World and the last half by calorie counting. I still want to lose some more (probably because of the bloody 50% staff discount at work HELP.) I calorie count every day and try to be super healthy – except for cheat Friday… and sometimes cheat Saturday…  aaaaaand sometimes also cheat Sunday…everyone knows calories don’t count on a weekend, right??

4. I was (still am) the ultimate One Direction fangirl. I’ve seen them FIVE times, two of which were in one weekend. Should I be bragging about this??? I don’t care I love you Harry <3

5. I am obsessed with lipstick. It’s my favourite make up product without a doubt I love alllllllll shades, all finishes, high street & high end.

6. As you will know if you’ve read any of my posts from my Travel Diaries series, I have travelled to some amaaaaazing places such as, Dubai, Las Vegas, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Amsterdam!

7. And finally, I LOVE GIRAFFES. There’s just something about them, they’re my favourite animal ever (after cats and dogs of course). I went to Chester Zoo with my boyfriend this weekend and I had to literally be dragged away from the giraffe section because if it was up to me I’d have stayed there all day. I will be putting up my Chester Zoo post very soon!

I tag these gorge gals:

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The rules are: Share seven facts about yourself/Tag 10 more bloggers/Make sure they know they’re tagged!

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