Travel Diaries: NEW YORK CITY


As you may know, recently I started a travel series, where I write a little about some places I’ve ventured to, and put up some pics for you to have a nosy at. So far I’ve wrote about Dubai and Amsterdam!

I wanted to save New York til last, I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some other really amazing places such as Singapore, Tokyo and Vegas, but I decided I’d waited long enough to write about my one true love… New York <3

Have you ever just been to a place and fell in love? I know it’s cliche, but everything you’ve heard about New York is true, there’s just something different about it, like, once you’re there never want to leave. Everything about New York city is just amazing, the sights, the shops, the FOOD, the certain busy city ambience about the place – and coming from someone who aint too fond of big crowds and busy places, there’s just something different about New York making it hands down my favourite place in the whole world. I can’t even look through the photo’s from my visits without getting the same butterfly feeling I got both times I touched down in NYC.

I’ve been to the city twice, once in the Winter and once in the Summer, which, if anyone lives in New York or if you’ve also been in both seasons you’ll know they’re on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Summer is ridiculously hot and humid making the sights amazing but the underground almost unbearable. And the Winter is freezing… like FREEZING freezing, but snowy and cute. (Yay for silver linings)

If I was to go again (Please God say I will) I think I’d try to find a happy medium, maybe Spring time or Autumn, but nevertheless I don’t think I’ll ever visit somewhere I adore more so here are some of my snaps from both of my visits 😀

(All photo’s are my own)


Rain or sun New York manages to look postcard ready. (How much is that first pic making you excited for Christmas???)



The sights are absolutely breathtaking at every corner, whether you’re taking a stroll in Central Park or on top of the Rockefeller Centre, why can’t I just live in New York? That is the ultimate dream.



You never know you might just bump into your FAVE actresses in the middle of filming Gossip Girl? Or accidentally stumble across a reality TV show being filmed.


One of the best things about going to New York is you can eat as much of the amaaaaazing food as you want because you’ll be walking enough to burn it off three times over! (Kinda)

Who doesn’t want mac and cheese on a pizza? Gotta get those carbs!

If you’ve seen When Harry Met Sally, which if you haven’t you totally should, then you can pop in to Katz’s Deli where it was filmed and sit in the exact spot they sat in, and if you’ve seen it you’ll understand the reference! 😀



That’s all of the photo’s I’m going to share for now! If you like my travel posts please let me know in the comments as I still have a tonne of photo’s from other holidays I’ve been on that I’d lovveeee to put into a post! <3

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    • November 1, 2016 / 7:04 am

      Gorgeous isn’t it! Thanks for reading lovely xx

    December 14, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    grew up in nyc. forget the fall, its still kinda hot and muggy.

    spring is a lot nicer.

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