Cleaning My Brushes Without Water – SHADOW SWITCH

Today’s blog post is going to be all about the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty Essentials as I was lucky enough to be gifted this product by the lovely team over at Dee&Co <3

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Now, I’m sure you’ve all been there, about to do your make up ready for the day and then bam…no clean brushes. Forgot to clean them after last doing your eye make up and now you’re stuck with a stained blending brush which will do just about anything but blend.

I don’t know about you but I barely have time to throw my make up on my face on a morning never mind go ahead and begin cleaning my brushes. I mean seriously, how much of a chore is cleaning all of your brushes with soap and water then leaving them to dry for hours on end… Ugh :'( Well… this is where this little gem comes in.


Inside of the Shadow Switch tin is a wirey pad, almost like a dense but soft dry sponge. Yes you read that right… DRY. You simply press your brush into the padded tin, rotate and voila! Run the brush over the back of your hand to be sure and there you have it, a clean brush in seconds with no soap, no water and NO WAITING! 😀

The best thing for me about this product is how travel-friendly it is. Save yourself the hassle of taking every brush you own on holiday with you and take this instead. Meaning you can swap between different coloured powder eyeshadows while doing your make up all with one brush!

I tested a number of my brushes with this product and it worked with with them all without damaging them making it the perfect ‘in between washes’ product, kind of like a dry shampoo for your brushes! 😀

Here you can see a before and after of a eyeshadow stained brush and then just seconds later… clean!

I can imagine this product being perfect for make up artists, it’s definitely something I’m going to be using when doing my friends makeup as it ensures a much more hygienic way of using the same brushes on different faces!

It is recommended that the sponges are changed every 2 months to avoid bacteria gathering but at only £5.99 and free delivery you can’t complain. You can purchase this extremely inexpensive product from amazon and they are soon to be sold in Sephora! But let me assure you that it’ll become a staple in your make up bag.

Beauty Essentials is a brand I’ve only recently heard about and they’re certainly one to have a look into, you can follow their Twitter and Instagram here! They create fun amazing beauty tools to make everything just a little easier for us girls and I’m super excited to see what else they have up their sleeve <3

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      I’m the exact same I always put it off it’s such a boring task 😫 thanks so much for reading! X

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