Time To Get Excited For Autumn

I was going to wait another few weeks, maybe even a month to write this post but I decided I’m just waaaaay too excited!

So hopefully to anyone who’s still clinging on to Summer and won’t have anyone tell them it’s almost over I can make you a little excited for Autumn and remind you that life really does go on after Summer! And to those of you who are just like me and waved goodbye to Summer a long time ago I hope you enjoy reading about all the things I love the most about the upcoming season! 😀

<3Dark Nights – I always feel like a bit of a freak when I get excited for dark cold nights as more or less everyone I speak to much prefer the light nights. I think it’s my love for Halloween/Bonfire Night/Christmas that makes dark nights so exciting for me as it reminds me that all of those are getting closer! Eeeeek!

<3Big Coat Shopping – Anyone who tells me that they enjoy bikini shopping more than big coat shopping is either lying or must have the figure of a Victorias Secret Model. It is my favourite thing EVER… maybe that’s because I don’t have the figure of a Victorias Secret Model… My last big coat was from Zara and it’s still my favourite coat ever, just look at that fur!

<3Tartan Scarves and Cosy Gloves– Anyone who knows me will tell you I am such a scarf person, if I could I’d wear one all year round without fail. My mittens are from New Look a few years ago! And the orangey scarf is also from New Look, the other is from Topshop. These look perfect with a big wooly jumper for that spot on Autumnal look and they’re super thick to keep you warm!

<3Hot Chocolate – Surely I’m not the only one who just kinda abandons hot drinks through the Summer? One thing I’m so excited for is a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows mmmmm. Taking hot drinks to uni/school/work in insulated travel mugs is perfect to keep your hands nice and toasty on those cold bitter mornings. (You’ll probably feel quite sophisticated too sipping from your mug while walking across campus!)


PERFECT SET UP: Hot chocolate and marshmallows for the cosiest night in

<3Fluffy Socks – I would put a lot of money on the fact that every girl reading this can go to their drawer right now and pull out at least two pairs of fluffy socks! I’d put even more money on that they were an impulse buy at the tills in Primark 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever been to Primark during Autumn/Winter and not left with a pair of £2.50 socks to add to my collection.


PRIMARK: All of my fluffy socks are from Primark!

<3Dark Lippy – Dark purples and nude liquid lips are going to be perfect this Autumn, these are my two faves at the moment, my NYX Liquid Suede which I reviewed here, and my Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour which I reviewed here. I’m also quite tempted to try a red lip this Autumn but I’m not sure if it’d suit my very pale complexion. Hmmmm.


SWATCHES: Two perfect autumnal shades

<3Cosy Nights in – One of my favourite things about the weather getting colder is how less appealing nights out are and how more appealing sitting in watching Christmas films is! (I’ll try to wait at least another month before I mention that word). Especially how it becomes acceptable to wear the ugliest (but cosiest) jumpers and slippers 🙂


COSY: Primark Kitten Jumper and some fluffy slippers!

<3Halloween & Bonfire Night – My two favourite nights of the year, especially bonfire night! I honestly believe there’s no better feeling than getting all wrapped up and going out with your friends/family to watch the fireworks! So cute.


BONFIRE NIGHT: My favourite night of the year with my best friends in 2015!

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    Aw I love this post I’m exactly the same as you I soooo prefer AW 👏🏼😍

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