Dear 16 Year Old Me…

In just a matter of three small weeks I’ll be going in to my third year of uni and it’s safe to say I’m pretty blooming terrified.

The thought of having to leave the comfort and flexibility of uni and my part time job where I know everyone and know exactly what I’m doing to venture out into the real world is probably the most daunting thing I’ve ever experienced.

With all of these pretty stressful thoughts swirling around my head I decided to take a look back to what I’d say to my 16 year old self, who was probably also pretty scared at the prospect of leaving school and going out into what I thought then to be the ‘real’ world. From the real life problems to make up disasters 😀

<3Stop Stressing Everything!!!
Since I can remember I’ve always been the worrier in my friendship group, even as a kid I was a proper little stress-head. If I could I’d tell my 16 year old self first of all to stop stressing over little, trivial things that seemed so huge at the time when in reality were really probably not so important or as life changing as I imagined them to be.

<3Put Down The Blusher
Was it just me or did everyone go through an ‘Aunt Sally’ stage?? I remember owning a Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush and absolutely caking that thing on like there was no tomorrow (which is probably why I wasn’t a stranger to the old make up wipe the minute you step into your tutor group first thing on a morning)


ALL THE BLUSHER: I definitely painted my cheeks pink for my 16th

<3Stop Dying Your Hair
This is another thing I did a lot as a kid, dye my hair! I used to use semi-permanent dyes and I’m sure I was determined to go every colour under the sun! I was red, purple, very dark brown, ginger, yellowy blonde – basically anything but my natural! (Yet another thing I was forced to change at school, apparently purple hair doesn’t suit the dress code???)

<3Get The Right Colour Foundation
I’m absolutely certain 99% of girls went through the stage of caking on foundation that was three shades too dark and not even attempting to blend down, it was almost as if I enjoyed the ‘tide line’ between my face and my neck as we called it in school.

<3Don’t Obsess Over Wanting To Try Alcohol
Trust me, wasting your pocket money on 2L’s of Strongbow or a bottle of Lambrini isn’t the most fun you can be having, even if you think it is at the time. Once you’re eighteen and you’ve already got drunk at every house party during your mid to late teens the novelty soon wears off. Just wait!


LAMBRINI: Really pretending I was enjoying that half glass of lambrini

<3Don’t Make Big Decisions Based On What Your Friends Are Doing
It isn’t worth hating every minute of your two years in college because you wanted to go to the same college as all of your friends, even if it wasn’t right for you. Friendships grow apart and new ones form but the decisions you make surrounding your A-Levels, uni etc, stick with you forever.

<3Foundation Lips Will Never Be A Thing
Again my school can’t have been the only school full of year 10’s and 11’s walking around with foundation coated on their lips instead of lipstick?? If only I could go back and scrub my lips with a make up wipe (along with my blusher and my foundation!).

<3Nothing Is Ever As Bad As It First Seems
Whether you didn’t get your target grade in Maths first time (or you had to re-sit it three times… like me) or you’ve fallen out with your best friend of six years, everything happens for a reason and the majority of things you worry about never happen.

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