The Prettiest Highstreet Eyeshadow Palettes




Does anyone else agree that falling back in love with an old favourite make up product is almost as good as falling in love with a new one? <3

This past week I’ve rediscovered two eyeshadow palettes that used to be the ultimate loves of my life. The ULTRA eyeshadow palettes from Make Up Revolution. Now, I know I’ve banged on about my love for Make Up Revolution before, but sometimes you just gotta show some love to the more affordable goodies in your make up bag!


The only reason these little beauties slowly got pushed to the bottom of my collection was because to be honest, I got a little lazy with my eye make up and just stuck to more or less the same kinda look day in day out with my Naked 1.

HOWEVER, this week I’ve ventured out a little from my usual browns and golds as both Revolution palettes are so versatile and just soooo bloody pretty (AND AUTUMNAL, is it too early to mention that word?? – Oops).

The first palette I purchased was the ULTRA professional Eyeshadow in Flawless (Top pic) for a very attractive price of £8 and as you can see it has had a wholeeee lot of love <3

The palette has a variety of shimmery and matte neutral shades, the matte shades have much more of a powdery consistency in both palettes as opposed to the shimmery shades which have a creamier texture. This makes it perfect to use the matte shades as transition colours and the shimmery shades on the whole lid.



The Flawless palette contains some gorgeous shimmery golds and pinks with a couple light gold/cream colours that look perfect on the inner corner of the eye or as a brow highlight!

The second palette I bought was the ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow in AFFIRMATION (Second pic) again for a mere £8. This palette, like FLAWLESS has 32 shades again working from matte to shimmery. My favourite part of this palette is the three kind of burnt orange shades (Trying to contain my excitement for the Autumn months and not mention how perfect these will be around October/November!!!)

Don’t worry if you’re not too adventurous with your eye make up as the colour pay off on both the shimmery and the matte shades can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like depending on how you chose to apply them.

I find that when applied with just a normal fluffy eyeshadow brush the colours are much less pigmented than if you use your fingers! (Trust me on that one!) And for extra colour pay off add a little water or MAC Fix+ Spray, it works wonders 🙂

You can purchase these products from Superdrug, I would highly recommend Make Up Revolution as a brand if you’re looking for some high end alternatives or if you’re just starting out as all of their products are sooo reasonably priced and so amazing. I’ve also done a review on their contour kit which you can read here 😀

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  1. September 2, 2016 / 1:38 am

    Love the colours from both palettes! Indeed, perfect for the Autumn season!

    • September 2, 2016 / 6:41 am

      They’re so gorgeous for £8 aren’t they!!
      Definitely very autumnal! Thanks for reading! X

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