Seeing as I loved writing my last travel post all about Dubai so much I thought I’d do another one on another beautiful place I’ve been lucky to visit twice… Amsterdam <3

I flew to Amsterdam both times as ferries just aint for me, the first time I went was last year with two of my best friends and the second was just this weekend with my boyfriend!

I fell in love with Amsterdam all over again this time around, with the perfect balance of amazing picturesque views of the canals and quaint little streets to the hustle bustle of the Red Light District and Dam Square it makes the most ideal little city break.

I took sooo many photos so this blog post is more or less entirely going to be pictures I have taken on both trips to Amsterdam with some little tips and tricks along the way! 🙂


LOVE: Beautiful padlock bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

<3 Plan plan plan!!! Don’t fall in to the trap of just deciding on the day because there’s a good chance you’ll totally forget to do one of the things you were super excited about. Also it makes it much easier to budget and work out how much you need!


HIDDEN GEM: Get away from the tourist areas one day

<3 If you have an hour or two to spare just have a wander, put down your map and walk down one of the streets during the day and you’re bound to find beautiful little hidden spots, and don’t worry there’s always a cafe with a wifi hotspot round the corner to hook back up to your GPRS to find your way back!

<3 NUTELLA SHOP!! You haveeee to go to the Nutella Ice Bakery and get a crepe! You’ll feel sick for hours after but it’s so worth it! (Even if you do have to wear the silliest matching rain mac with one of your best friends because its torrential rain outside!)


RED LIGHT DISTRICT: One of Amsterdams’ most famous attractions


NIGHTTIME: The Red Light District is best at night


SEX MUSEUM: Another of Amsterdams’ most popular tourist attractions

<3 If you’re going to visit the Red Light District which I’d definitely  recommend as it’s the craziest thing ever, then definitely hold off until it’s dark to get the full effect! (And keep hold of your bag as it gets super busy!)


BETHANIESTRAAT: Bethany Street in Dutch (I think?!)

(Who doesn’t want a street named after them???)


BEAUTIFUL: Another spot that looks straight from a postcard

amsterdam 6.jpg

INDULGENCE: One of Amsterdam’s many bakeries

<3 If you’re planning on eating healthy while you’re there… don’t!! You can get nutella EVERYTHING, and if you’re not being tempted by nutella or even a Ben and Jerry’s there’s a bakery at every corner with the most delicious array of donuts and pastries and basically everything you’d avoid at all costs on a diet! It is literally impossible not to indulge!


CHARLOTTE TILBURY: Window display at De Bijenkorf



<3 If you’re fancying a little splurge there’s a huge department store in Dam Square, De Bijenkorf that will be absolutely sure to satisfy all of your make up needs!


BIKE FUN: An different mode of transport through the city


CENTRAAL STATION: One of the busiest areas in the city

<3 If you’re fancying something a little different try the Ice Bar! It’s a lot of fun but buy your tickets in advance! There’s sooo many little tickets and tours shops dotted all over the main tourist areas and it’ll secure you a place and save all of the queuing 🙂


AMSTERDAM: The perfect city getaway

I hope you enjoyed my second travel post as I love writing them and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Leave any of your travel posts in the comments as I love having a nose at other peoples travels! 😀

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