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Does anybody else get super excited to do their make up when they have a new product/brush to use? Well that was me this morning, yesterday my Mam brought me home the contour brush from the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection as a gift and I was so excited šŸ™‚

I’ve been eyeing up these new(ish) brushes from Real Techniques since they came out but compared to their normal collection they’reĀ much more expensive. However, after looking in to why the prices of their Bold Metal Collection takes such a leap from their affordable yet amazing first collection it all became a little clearer.

This new collection is their luxurious line (just like if MAC did a more affordable line!) So, if you’re like me and you probably won’t be splashing out on allllll of the collection (sigh) let me tell you a little about the contour brush to help you decide if it’s worth the pennies!

The brush is retailed atĀ Ā£22, similar to MAC brush prices, and boy does itĀ feelĀ expensive. It’s much heavier than the brushes from the regular collection and the rose gold gives it a much more upscale and trendy feel.

The brush is extremely dense, similar to the sculpting brush from the normal collection, but so much softer. DespiteĀ the sculpting brush being myĀ least favourite of all of the RT products I own due to it being hard to blend out products once applied with the brush this new addition is completely different and up thereĀ as one of my faves šŸ˜€

However I would add, just be careful not to be too heavy handed with the amount of product you apply as a little goes a long way due to how dense the brush is.

I applied a contour shade from my Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit in a straight line just above my cheekbone and then blended upwards with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

As you can see, the density and how flat the brush made it easy to keep my contour sharp (left image) and even once blended it still remained sharp yet subtle (right image).

I can imagine this brush as being a dupe for the NARS ITA as they’re both shaped almost identical.

10After applying highlighter and ensuring I was totally blended out I decided this new brush was a firm favourite of mine and I would one hundred percent recommend it for anyone fancying a little splurge one day!


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