Is This The End For Flat Lifeless Hair?


BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO PLUS: Dry shampoo that adds volume and oomph!

As you may be able to see in My Favourite Effortless Hairstyle post or my My Messy Bun Tutorial, my hair in extremeeeelyyy fine and has little to no volume (sigh 🙁 ).

Since being a kid I’ve hated how lifeless my hair was, I’ve tried everything:

<3 Drying my hair upside down – FAIL

<3 Clagging my hair up with crappy texturising sprays – FAIL

<3 Sea salt sprays – FAIL

<3 Special backcombing brushes – FAIL (this was 2010 don’t judge)

Nothing ever seems to give my hair that proper oomph and basically now, by the age of 20, I’d came to terms with the fact my hair was always gonna be just a lil bit rubbish.

Now, because my hair is so fine it gets greasy super fast so naturally I’m a dry shampoo kinda gal because who can cope with washing their hair on a morning and it being really naff and a minging by tea time?? Not me.

On my last little necessities shop I spotted the Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Heavenly Volume spray in Tesco and I couldn’t think of a valid reason not to try it, it was on offer for £3 for a big old bottle and it was claiming to instantly refresh hair and add oodles more volume than a normal dry shampoo.


Batiste is my holy grail, it is by fair the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a LOT believe me) so don’t be tainted by the slightly more expensive price tag, it’s worth it!

First thing I’d say is a little goes a long way with this product, it’s better to apply little and add more if you need it then attempt to scrape dry shampoo out of your hair because, well, that’s impossible.

I just spray a little in to the roots the way I would normal dry shampoo and massage it into my scalp, I then brush it out and zhoosh it up a bit (is that even a word?? Juj? Zhuzh?) and voila!IMG_1678

It is essentially a texturising spray but it’s also a dry shampoo at the same time which is just bloody perfect for me, and although it can be a little chalky and heavy if you apply to much it ain’t too bad, just don’t try not to overly play with it once your hairs been sprayed!

And lastly, it smells flipping gorgeous which is the perfect cherry on the loveliest little cake 🙂

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