What’s In My Travel Bag?

With the Summer months well upon us and all of those holidays we’ve been waiting for fast approaching I thought what better time than to stick with the travel theme and do a little What’s In My Bag – travel edition.

There’s so many different holidays that you could be going on this year from a relaxed beach holiday to a wild partying holiday to a trip to the countryside or to a festival and so on, so this is going to be a very much generic travel bag with what I think are the essentials!

<3Lip Balm – I get verrrrrrry dry lips so for me a little balm or chap stick is more than necessary! Anyone else’s lips more or less flake off on a plane journey and become the most sore dry things ever? :'( Vaseline is my best friend on any kind of long haul flight and a lot have SPF 15 which is perfect to protect your lips in the sun!

<3Baby Wipes / Makeup Wipes – Any kind of wet wipes are perfect for easily removing make up on your travels because as if the thought of having to use a plane/train/bus toilet isn’t bad enough, imagine trying to carry out your regular skin care regime in one! Your face will forgive you for not properly cleansing that day.

<3Earphones & a Good Playlist – Most holidays include some kind of travelling and if you’re anything like me and find any kind of prolonged amount of time spent in the same place soooooo damn boring, your favourite album should help you along the way!

<3Hairbrush & Bobbles – Brushing my hair is my actual obsession I can’t go longer than half an hour without getting my brush out and there’s nothing worse than not being able to just throw it up on top of your head when you’re on a long journey so I’d always have a pack of bobbles or a scrunchie in my travel bag too.

<3Deodorant or Roll On – Depending on whether you’re going on a plane or not any kind of antiperspirant whether it be a spray or roll on is definitely important for obvious reasons when travelling!

<3Dry Shampoo Batiste is my absolute holy grail!  Dry shampoo is the perrrrrfect way to freshen up, especially if you’ve got hair like mine that needs to be washed more or less every day. Just remember if you’re travelling by plane you’ll need the 50ml On The Go bottle.

<3Moisturiser – I always carry a moisturiser with me to prevent my skin from becoming too dry especially if you’re going on a plane as the air con can be quite harsh especially if you’re prone to dry skin! Again, remember to keep it below 100ml if you are travelling by plane to avoid losing it at security!

<3Painkillers – This is a pretty obvious one, paracetamol/ibuprofen or any travel sickness tablets etc are going to do you a world of good especially if you’re travelling a long way!

<3Phone Charger – There is nothing worse than slowly but surely watching your phone battery die and not being able to do anything about it, most trains, busses and even aeroplanes have sockets to plug your phone in or any other electronic device that is going to get you through the journey. You can even invest in charger cases from Amazon or Ebay that would be perfect for long car journeys.

<3Face Powder – Travelling is more or less the only time I spare my face of make up so I think powder is the perfect thing to just have in my bag that I can use once I’ve reached my destination to make myself look a little less zombie like!

<3Sunglasses – If you’re heading off somewhere sunny don’t forget to pop your sunnies in your bag rather than your suitcase because I’ve made that mistake and it isn’t the most practical thing you can do! Especially if you’re getting off a plane to 30 degree heat with your sunglasses packed safely in the case at the other end of the airport.

<3Feminine Products – Even if you’re absolutely one hundred percent sure you will not be needing them… just. take. them! Whether you have an unexpected surprise or someone else does you’ll never regret bringing them, but you’ll certainly regret leaving them if you do need them. Especially if you end up paying the extortionate prices they charge in those little dispensers for one measly sanitary towel or tampon!

<3Travel Pillow – This is such a lifesaver especially if you’re going on a long haul flight, and you can get them soooo cheap it’s definately worth taking one.

<3Sweeeeets – All of your fave sweets and chocolates to get you through the travelling, especially if you can’t stomach the thought of plane food (I don’t blame you)!

<3Important Documents – And lastly, the most important, but boring! The documents, I know a lot of my friends who’ve been travelling have found it helpful to print all the important documents, like flight information/transfer information/hotel information, and keep them in a folder or wallet to ensure you know exactly where you have to be and when you have to be there!

If you’re going on holiday I hope this gave you some inspiration of what to take in your bag! Or if you’re staying at home this year I hope you just enjoyed the post! Whatever you’re doing have fun and stay safe! 😀

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