Just Another Liquid Lipstick?

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If you’ve read many of my other posts you’ll probably know by now that I have an absolute obsession with lipstick, it’s my all time favourite make up product to buy, be it high end, high street, liquid or so on and I feel that no make up look is ever complete without a good lip. This is why I find myself always seeking out the lipstick products in a shop or at a counter before any other product.

This being said, I’ve not bought myself a new lippy for quite some time now, which is probably why I was having some serious withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been trying to save money seeing as I’ve finished my second year of uni now til October ( scary 🙁 ) and I’m relying solely on my wages, so splashing it all on make up (which I’m usually guilty of) ain’t so practical anymore!

Instead of buying new lipsticks I’ve been falling back in love with some old ones, for example MAC’s Velvet Teddy and Taupe which I’ve been wearing quite a lot recently <3

HOWEVER!! As I am sure a lot of you are aware, NYX counters have been added to the majority of Boots shops and every single time I’ve passed the counter there has been a swarm of girls elbowing their way to the front.

Now, I’ve never delved into the world of NYX products before so I was more intrigued than anything about their products, but due to my money saving vow I fought the urge to have a little neb every time I passed as I knew even just a little glance could result in disastrous consequences to my bank account.

But finally, after over a month of self control I decided to take a look this weekend and I was so shocked! (In a good way). Of course the first place I looked was the lipstick stand, and wow! There were sooo many different types, liquid, normal, glossy, matte with an absolute array of colours, at the most affordable prices!

Although there was so much to choose from, from foundations, to bronzers, to concealers, to contour kits to brush sets and so much more the lipstick stand was definitely where I was glued to.

Being the new, money conscious person I am (hahahaha) I decided to only buy one of the lipsticks to take home, which, by the way, took a lot of self control!

And after swatching sooooo many of them I chose a Liquid Suede in the shade Soft Spoken (LSCL04) for just £6.50! The cheapest liquid lipstick I’ve bought so far!



The shade is a gorgeous light nude (shock!) with pink tones and was actually the shade Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wore at the Met Gala!

The product took around 2 minutes to dry on my lips and needed only one coat as it thankfully did not apply streaky, drying more or less completely matte. Obviously being a liquid lipstick the product did feel a little dry on my lips after a few hours however on appearance you would have never guessed, I also found that the lipstick was easy to remove and did not stain my lips although the swatches stained my skin! The product lasted on my lips for around 4 hours before I removed it and it had not began to crack or flake off which is important for a liquid lipstick!

I am super excited about the liquid suedes and I can’t wait to try more! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried them or any other NYX products!

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