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Today I got in touch with one of my very good friends, Kim Teasdale, who has the most enviable make up collection and wears the most flawless make up.

I thought it would be interesting to ask her a few questions that would help myself and hopefully a few of you 🙂

Firstly, who are you and what do you do?

-Kim Teasdale, Makeup Artist, and im currently studying Makeup and Hair for fashion (BA Hons) at London College of Fashion.

What got you into makeup?

-Hmm that’s a hard one, I’ve worn makeup for a long time, my Mams friend used to go through her makeup (my Mam didn’t really wear a lot at the time) and give the stuff she didn’t use to me so I would experiment with like green and shimmery pink eye shadow.

I also used to dance when I was young so you always had to wear bright, bold makeup for competitions so maybe that.

My interest in makeup blew up around 3 years ago and now I’m studying makeup in a world-renowned fashion university where people like Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen graduated! Crazy really, passion and drive can take you anywhere.

What would be your ultimate dream job?

Celebrity makeup artist/ Teach Makeup

What is your favourite brand and favourite one of their products?

Tom Ford (Lipsticks)

And the same for high street?

L’oreal (Voluminous Mascara,Brow Sculpter, Black Gel Eyeliner, Liquid Liner Pen)

High end or high street?

High end

What are your 5 biggest makeup tips?

-Take your time, practice and perfect makeup on yourself, if you only have one look for the day and one for a night out that you can do amazing, that’s better than having a million looks that aren’t that well applied.

– Make your skin look like skin, even if you’ve got a tonne of makeup on (where fix+ comes in)

-Remember that the girls/boys on makeup counters have selling quotas and get paid more for selling more, what they advise may not be the best product for you, always get testers and try it out for yourself!

– Good brushes can make bad makeup work more than using good makeup with bad brushes… Zoeva are one of my favourite brands.

-Make sure you do your makeup in good lighting, natural lighting is the best but other than that make sure the light isn’t too harsh or too yellow/blue in tone.  Look at your makeup in different light too before you go out, both natural and artificial.

What makeup faux-pas have you had… or do you see often?

-Unblended anything! BROWS!!! But to be fair what I think is a faux pas someone else might love so as long as it makes you feel good you do you boo!

What is your ultimate can’t live without product?

MAC Fix + and Laura Mercier loose translucent powder because I cant use one without the other haha!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the makeup artist world?

Practice, practice, practice! You’ll have to do work for free if your wanting to get into the fashion makeup industry to make links with stylists, photographers and models, and also build your portfolio.

Charge for event looks and reinvest your money back into building your kit, you don’t need every single product in every single colour, a good makeup artist can create a look with next to nothing.

Join modelling and photography pages on Facebook to make links.

Be prepared for it to be totally unglamorous and very hard work (but rewarding too) be confident, professional and clean!

Knowledge of everything is key (Lisa Eldridge told me) learn how different lights effect the way makeup looks, know your colour theory, how makeup changes when you photograph it, product knowledge, fashion, film, history, celebrities, TV and culture its surprisingly all relevant, makeup isn’t just about making someone look beautiful and the more you know the more successful your likely to be.

Instagram and YouTube is nice but step away from that unless you’re following legitimate makeup artists. Go pick up a book, magazine or watch a film.

What is it about makeup you love so much?

I love how it can totally transform someone; people come completely out of their shell when they’ve got makeup on.

How did you get so bloody good at make up?!

HAHA! I’ve got a way to go yet but thank you! It’s all knowing what works product wise, and years of PRACTICE!

And finally, who are your biggest inspirations makeup-wise?

Mario Dedivanovic is amazing at what he does and such a lovely guy, Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Isamaya Ffrench and Pat McGrath… There are loads more too but these are the main ones.

If anyone wants to give Kim a follow check out her Instagram 🙂

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on anything we spoke about and I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post!

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