High End to High Street

Like most students, money is a major issue and isn’t something that we can all necessarily throw around and splash out on the things we would like to.

Instead we have to spend it on boring things like books and stationary and transport and the things we really don’t want to use our hard earned cash on.

Being a 19 year old girl I can’t deny the fact I am pretty much obsessed with spending my money on beauty products and I can’t help being roped in to spending obscene amounts on foundation, eye shadow palettes, bronzer, blush… you name it, I’ll have probably bought it.

Since becoming a uni student in 2o14 I’ve found that spending money on the most expensive make up products can be slightly foolish and I’ve recently tried to be a tad more savvy when it comes to dishing out cash on beauty products.

For years now I’ve skipped past the high street products and gone straight to the high end counters without even trying to find cheaper alternatives and I’ve finally seen the error in my ways.

From now on I’m going to be trying out high street ‘dupes’ of high end products and talking about them on this blog to hopefully help some of you and give you some little ideas to help your purse stay as heavy as your make up bag.

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